About Us

Srianu Technologies is a leading provider of ICT services, committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and comprehensive solutions to our clients' challenges.

Srianu Technologies:

Your Trusted Partner for Exceptional ICT Services

With over decades of experience, Srianu tech is a globally-recognized ICT services provider, assisting clients in overcoming their business obstacles. Our company has its origins in the engineering sector, beginning its journey in 2010. Our longstanding association with the tech community provides us with an unparalleled level of expertise, affording us a comprehensive understanding of our clients' needs and objectives.

Our focus lies in offering Strategic Resourcing, Professional and Managed services, as well as Learning and Content Development services, primarily within the ICT sector. Our suite of services aims to lower expenses, hasten the implementation of new technologies, and enable international expansion for your organization.

Our goal is to foster our customers' expansion and objectives by delivering outstanding services that surpass their expectations. We aspire to establish ourselves as a premier provider of professional services, upholding the Srianu technologies values of innovation, care, and professionalism, across all the countries in which we operate.

Our Values

At Srianu Technologies, we are always forthright, respectful, and transparent. Our working style is straightforward and honorable. We always seek to provide a high-quality customer experience, offer comprehensive solutions to our costumer’s challenges, and complete all tasks right the first time. We respect and embrace the diversity of our customers, colleagues, and associates.

Strong Customer Relationships

Amid the fast-evolving landscape of our industry, we serve as a reliable and supportive partner to our clients, assisting them in achieving their business goals. Our unwavering attention is directed towards solving our clients' challenges both locally and globally, with a "right first time, every time" mindset. At Srianu Technologies, we prioritize building robust customer relationships, some of which have spanned over two decades, and regard our clients' accomplishments as our own.

Technical Expertise and Drive for Innovation

As an engineering company at heart, we have ingrained a deep passion for technical excellence, innovation, and agility. Our recruitment services, which revolve around technology, are spearheaded by technically trained specialists, ensuring that you only receive fully qualified and thoroughly screened candidates, thus reducing your time to hire. Additionally, our in-house team of engineers is extensive, delivering managed and professional services at the forefront of technology to support your expansion into new technologies.

Our Journey So Far

Our journey so far has been marked by significant milestones, lessons learned, and a deep commitment to our vision.

Started as small IT services company serving Banking and Telecom clients in UK with 2 employees

Major Project Completed

Completed a major project implementing Byte Mobile(Citrix) Internet Gateway Services for then everything everywhere UK (Deutsche Telekom)

First International Office

Started our first international offices in Sharjah UAE serving Middle East and Africa regions

India Office Launch

India development and operational center for excellence launched serving all customers 24/7 365 days, As well serving ASPAC region


An Opensource k8s based telco grade cloud platform, evolved packet core and RAN hardware services launched under KataB brand name

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